Did you join an excursion and have you made photos you would like to join with your fellow MME-students? Or have you made other great Multi-Machine Engineering related pictures? Send them to secretaris@transportkunde.nl and you can have them posted here. 

This is an impression of our previous excursions:

  • IMG_2811
  • M&A
  • AccentureExcursie
  • M&A_LL
  • Huisman14
  • Huisman9
  • Caro5
  • Caro4
  • Caro2
  • Caro1

These are some pictures made by Jorrit Sijtsma in the Port of Rotterdam:

  • Jorrit10
  • Jorrit9
  • Jorrit8
  • Jorrit7
  • Jorrit6
  • Jorrit5
  • Jorrit4
  • Jorrit3
  • Jorrit2
  • Jorrit1